How the Idea of Religious Toleration Came to the West By Perez Zagorin. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2003; paperback edition, 2005, xvi + 271 pgs.

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Gary Remer is an associate professor of political science at Tulane University and was a visiting scholar at the Center for American Politics and Citizenship at the University of Maryland in the fall of 2005. He is the author of Humanism and the Rhetoric of Toleration (Pennsylvania State University Press, 1996) and coeditor of Talking Democracy: Historical Perspectives on Rhetoric and Democracy (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2004). He has published numerous articles in journals such as Political Theory, History of Political Thought, Journal of Political Philosophy, Review of Politics, and Polity.

Volume 1, Number 3 (Spring 2006) pp. 373-377